Loving Care when you can’t be there

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“Loving Care when you can’t be there”


So there I was sitting in my office one day feeling guilty about leaving  my dogs when it struck me - I didn’t need to. In fact not only could I solve my pangs about leaving my precious dogs without company but I could help other people in the same situation. From that moment of clarity GoldenPaws Petcare was born.

GoldenPaws is a simple idea  - our Pets are precious and we want them to have the best care possible. Ideally we would give them that care ourselves but in this busy world that isn’t always possible. After all, except for the lucky few ,we need to work and that means we need to leave them alone even if for only those few hours. The trouble is we know our pets are sociable animals just like us and they’ll miss having us around. Even when not working it’s also good to be able to go away and recharge the batteries every once in a while but Kennels are so impersonal. Well GoldenPaws provides the solution — you can leave your Pets in our care safe in the knowledge that they will be looked after and cared for as well as if you were doing it yourself. 




Phone: 07771 595 942

E-mail: GoldenPaws.petcare@gmail.com

We are registered and licensed by Basingstoke and Dean Council for the provision of dog boarding in a home environment

License # 17/01630/AWBORD